MAY 25 - 27, 2011
International Conference on We
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Guidelines for Oral & Poster Presentations

Oral Sessions
WIMS'11 provides laptops or PCs (Windows XP with Microsoft Office and PDF viewer) and video projectors in all the conference and workshop rooms. Audio equipment will be available. Please bring you presentation either on your own laptop or on a USB stick. We also recommend to have backups at hand. If the presentation involves internet access and audio/video footage, speakers may send it beforehand to wims11 @ so that we can check if everything works. In case you have a PowerPoint presentation with special fonts and do not use your own computer, please make sure that the fonts are embedded.

Please do the following in the break before your session starts, arriving at least 10 minutes early: First, use the break to work out any potential problems with copying your files or attaching your computer to the projector. Second, please identify yourself to the session chair.

Talk time for FULL papers is 30 minutes (inclusive of 5 minutes discussion) and for Breaking News papers 10 minutes. For Breaking News session, interaction part restricted to participating projects and attendees for one-on-one meetings immediately after all presentations.

To guarantee a high quality of the presentations, we kindly ask speakers to prepare their talk very carefully. As time for discussion and answering questions subsequent to your presentation is imperative, please make sure that the talk itself is not longer than 25 minutes; this is an upper bound - ideally, the talk is even a few minutes shorter.

Poster walls for poster presentations will be available throughout  afternoon session on Wednesday, May 25, in the main lobby. Presenters are encouraged to put their poster up well before the beginning of the session. scheduled session. During the poster sessions, authors are required to be present by their poster for the entire time. Furthermore, each author will be given 3 minutes to present the brief content of the poster to an audience, led by a chairman. This is followed by a brief discussion/questions from the audience (2min), before changing to the next speaker. 

The poster must not exceed the limits of 90 cm wide and 120cm high. (without lamination)  The orientation is ‘portrait’ style. The title, author(s) and institution are to be prominently displayed across the top border of your poster.

Adhesive material will be available from the Conference Staff in the exhibition areas.

Include and arrange your material so a coherent and straight‐forward story is told without your presence.  Emphasize the most important points and avoid overwhelming the viewer with too much detail.  Specific recommendations include:
  • In the INTRODUCTION ‐ briefly summarize the necessary background that led to this work.
  • Provide sufficient detail of the METHODS employed to do the work.
  • RESULTS can be presented by tables, figures, illustrations and/or photograph.  Make each stand on its own, so the viewer doesn't have to refer elsewhere on the display to understand the important message(s).  For each table, figure, etc., a logical INTERPRETATIVE LEGEND will go a long way in highlighting and briefly discussing the essential points.
  • SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION ‐ briefly, what are the essence and important interpretation of your work. 
  • Consider distributing a HANDOUT during your presentation time if there is need for exchange of large data sets or other details.
  • Keep tables and figures simple and uncluttered.
  • The text should be readable from a 2‐3 m distance so that more than one person can read it at the same time.
  • Strong visual contrast is important.  Many people have difficulty distinguishing closely related colors, like green from blue, or among subtle shades of a primary color.
When traveling to the conference, carry your poster as carry‐on luggage; don't entrust it to checked and possible missing baggage.

Wireless internet access will be available, but presenters should also prepare for the situation that the connection fails. Presenters need to bring their own laptop for their demo.

Internet Access
Wireless internet access will be provided for all participants of WIMS'11. Username and password will be given at registration.

Proceedings will be published by

Selected papers from WIMS'11, after further revisions, will be published in the special issues of the following journals.

International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies

International Journal of Web Services Practices

International Journal of Information Retrieval Research 

International Journal of Computer Science & Applications

Some selected extended papers from WIMS'11 will be considered for Elsevier (Morgan Kaufmann) book [pending approval]

This website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
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