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WIMS is a series of conferences concerned with intelligent approaches to transform the World Wide Web into a global reasoning and semantics-driven computing machine.

The purpose of the WIMS series is:
  • To provide a forum for established researchers and practitioners to present past and current research contributing to the state of the art of Web technology research and applications.
  • To give doctoral students an opportunity to present their research to a friendly and knowledgeable audience and receive valuable feedback.
  • To provide an informal social event where Web technology researchers and practitioners can meet.
  • WIMS conference is aimed at the whole web community, from industry to research, or from developers to users and designers.

Sogndal, Norway
Craiova, Romania
Madrid, Spain
Thessaloniki, Greece
Limassol, Cyprus
Nîmes, France
Amantea, Italy
WIMS'18 Novi Sad, Serbia
WIMS'19 Seoul, South Korea
WIMS'20 Biarritz, France

Host a Conference

There is a formal procedure for an academic institute, company or consortium to apply to host a WIMS Conference. If you are interested, please fill out the application, and send to rak[at] We encourage parties interested in hosting a Conference to notify the WIMS secretariat as soon as possible. Please indicate which year(s) you are interested in.

We hold a Conference once a year.

WIMS areas of interests

  1. Scalable Web and Data Architectures and Infrastructures
  2. Web Intelligence
  3. Web Mining, Information and Knowledge Extraction
  4. Web Semantics and Reasoning
  5. WIMS Applications
  6. Evaluation and Validation of WIMS Technologies and Applications


Professor Rajendra Akerkar
Convener, WIMS Conference Series
Western Norway Research Institute
Sogndal 6851, Norway

E-mail: rak[at]